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About Areva Denise

Areva Denise Neely was born in Santa Monica, CA. Raised in Moreno Valley, California, and attended Box Springs Elementary School,  Vista Heights Middle School, and Canyon Springs High School. Areva obtained her Bachelor's degree in business administration in the spring of 2015 and a Master's in educational leadership spring of 2022 from California Baptist University. She is currently working on her PPS credential for counseling from Alliant International University and will graduate in 2024. 

Areva opened a tutoring program during the pandemic called "Little Inspirations Tutoring Program," helping parents they would still be able to work. At the same time, their children had a safe space to do school work, study the bible, and make friends. Areva is the author of three books, "You're Worth More, Intentionally Seeking, and Blossoming Nicely," sharing her testimony so that other young women will know their worth spiritually and naturally. She is now releasing her first fictional book, "I will Just Wait," inspiring young women to know it is okay to choose abstinence. 

Areva is not only an author; she is a youth minister, mentor, motivational speaker, optimal health educator, soon-to-be school counselor, and business owner. Areva's primary goal is to open a youth center in her city to inspire the youth to live out their purpose. Areva wants young people to exemplify their talents without compromising their values while obtaining a higher education.

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